Motorized Roller Shades

Our innovative and patented design allows us to offer Beautiful, Motorized shades (with remote control and valance) at affordable prices.  Leviosa's average size motorized shade - with ALL the extras - costs about $300.  The system is better designed than many others, and you enjoy savings of 50% compared to many others. See for yourself.

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Why Roller Shades?
  • Many fabric options with different texture and colors
  • Provides privacy and light control when needed, unhindered view of outdoors when not.
  • Easy installation - simple and lightweight.
  • Latest trend in window covering.
  • Never need dusting, never sag, last a lifetime.
Why Motorization?
  • Simply raise/lower all your shades with remote control.
  • Terrific solution to control light/privacy for hard to reach windows (high entry/great room windows, window over Jacuzzi spa tub, etc.) with a click of a button.
  • Can be linked to home automation systems that open and close every day when you wish.
  • No cords that kids play with or get hurt
Why Leviosa Shades? See why we are clearly superior to others.
  • Beautiful design and superior reliability.
  • Quality materials, Ease of installation.
  • The most affordable price - by far.
In your home:
  • Remote controlled motorized roller shade.Logo
  • Top quality fabric by makers such as Mermet Solar Control Fabric Company USA, a leader in the industry.
  • Choice of different fabric-types for sun control: Sheer, Diffused, Privacy Glow, and Privacy Total-Block.
  • Choice of over 100 colors , including Designer and Luxury series.
  • Valance is covered in matching fabric and held with your choice of white, beige, brown, gray or black 4.5" solid metal valances for beauty and longevity.
  • Bottom hem bars wrapped in fabric for clean look.
Simple and hidden installation:
  • 3 year battery lifePatented design: power supply is hidden behind the valence and lasts nearly 3 YEARS with common D-sized alkaline batteries, while competitors’ power supplies last only a few months and are visible and hard to hide.
  • Modern and simple remote to control all shades at once – no more strings or chains, and no strangulation hazards for small children.
  • Ease of changing batteries – and only necessary every 2-3 years. See how else we are superior.
  • Plug-in power supply option available.
  • Integral electric connectors that eliminate manual wiring.
  • Premium 5 year warranty      5 year warranty


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