Step Two: Color/Texture

Step Three: Features/Size

Step One: Choose your light filter style

Colors and sizes will be chosen in the next step.


Clear View

  • Images can be seen faintly from inside.
  • 5% openness of the fabric weave - 95% light blockage
  • Good protection from the sun.

Diffused View

  • Image outlines - no details can be seen.
  • 1-3% openness of the fabric weave - 97-99 % light blockage
  • Higher protection from the sun - lower heat gain.

Privacy Glow

  • The shade filters light so only a 'glow' can be seen.
  • 1% openness of the fabric weave - 99% light blockage
  • No images can be seen.
  • Same Pattern on both sides.

Total Block

  • Total Block shades block 100% light through the shade.
  • Some light may still be visible around the sides, top, and bottom.
  • Variety of colors - some with lighter tints on backside.
  • Channels required to block side and bottom light.  Contact Us for details.

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