Terms and Conditions

No Returns or Refunds:  Our custom shades are unable to be returned. Please understand that when we cut our products to specific measurements, we cannot re-use that product. However, we offer FREE color swatch samples (up to 5) of all our fabrics so you can have confidence that what you order is what you will receive. Also, we have a generous policy in the case of mis-measurements. Leviosa Shades is dedicated to quality products and we will replace any defective product.

Mis-measurments:  If you find your measurements are slightly off and your shade is not fitting properly, please contact us for help. If your shade is too long, we will cut the shade and valance down to size for $25 (customer pays shipping costs). If the shade is too short, we will remake the product in the right size and give you a discount on the replacement after you send the mis-measured product back to us. The discount depends on your fabric type and measurements, but is nearly always less than half the cost of new, similar shade.  In the rare case we mis-cut any shade that does not match what you ordered (within 1/8"), we will remake that shade to match what you ordered.  In no case will we be responsible for your measurements or installation costs, unless agreed prior to ordering.  We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and are available to help you when you need it.


Visual Quality Defects:  If you find defects or damage when first visually inspecting your product, please contact us within 14 days of receipt for help. We will repair or remake (at our discretion) any defect or damage for Free during that time.  After 14 days, we we will repair or remake the product for a fair price, well below the cost of a new shade, after you send the damaged or defective product back to us.

Warranty:  We warrant our product for 5 years - nobody has a longer warranty in this industry.  If the product does not perform to our quality standards within 5 years, absent abuse, misuse, or faulty installation, we will repair or replace the system or defective parts after you return them, at our discretion.  While we do not recommend installing motorized shades on moving objects (example: on doors, inside cars/boats), many customers choose to do so.  We do not warrant our products in these cases, as well as for installations in non-residential locations (example: commercial facilities), or outdoors (or other non-temperature controlled, non-100% dry environments).  Our warranty only covers the product ordered, and does not cover services or costs related to installation or removal of the product, or incidental damages or costs, or shipping and return shipping fees.


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