Beta Testing for Home Assistant

Update March 2022:   HASS 2022.3 (to be released on March 2, 2022) requires a new release of the Leviosa integration because:

  1. Starting from HASS 2022.3, all Integrations need to call HASS functions in an updated way, in order to speed up response time.
  2. An enhanced SSDP discovery library is being released.

For beta testing, follow these steps.  Steps 1-5 will be automatic during discovery once Leviosa is published in HASS:

  1. Open the ‘Config’ file on your HASS server.
  2. Create a new folder and name it “custom_components”
  3. Download this file.
  4. Extract/unzip into the new folder.  The folder that holds the extracted files must be named "leviosa_shades".
  5. Restart HASS
  6. Under ‘Configuration’ tab in HASS, go to ‘Integrations’, find ‘Leviosa’
  7. Enter the info for Leviosa – name your hub, name your groups.  You can find the IP address in the Leviosa App:  choose any group name, press/hold until a new screen displays, choose the ‘Name’ tab.  The IP address is listed there.


Let us know how this works for you!


Services are also available.  For example, you can create a new card (‘Button’) when you edit your dashboard.  Select call services, and 2 Leviosa functions are available (up to next setpoint, down to next setpoint).  ‘Show code editor’ and edit to match (the items in red should match the action you want and the name of the shade group):

type: button


  action: call-service

  service: leviosa_shades.next_up_pos


    entity_id: cover.group_1

show_state: true

icon: 'mdi:blinds'