Professional Measuring/Installation

While measuring and installing Leviosa Motorized roller shades are designed to be easy, many customers choose the convenience and security of hiring Professional help.

Leviosa Shades provides an introduction service that is FREE for consumers; you just pay the Professional for any work they do.Installation picture

  • Simply enter your zip code and other information below to receive the names of a few recommended Professional Shade installer in your area.
  • No obligation - you hire the Professional at your discretion
  • You can agree to any measuring/installation fees, and pay the Professional directly.
  • Save time - and get the job done right.
  • Measurements and/or installations of motorized window shades.
  • Installers are Specialists in window shades.
  • Many years in the business.
  • LOCAL to you - they live and work in YOUR community.


  • Vary locally, and depend on number of shades, and special details such as removing old shades, high ceiling shades, high rises, etc.
  • Measuring fees range from $50-$125 (all windows).
  • Installation fees range from $40-$90 (per shade, with minimums).  Please confirm with your installer if their services include Programming the shades (setting upper and lower travel limits).  You may want to choose to program them yourself (we have a VIDEO to help).

To receive a Free, no-obligation recommendation of a Local Professional, please complete the information below so we can reply to you.

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