Pairing Leviosa Shades with Apple HomeKit

See the video step-by-step directions here.

Steps to pair Leviosa Zone with Apple HomeKit (AHK).  You may want to screenshot these directions as you will be switching from this App to AHK during setup.

  1. On the same page you reached these directions, the "Apple HomeKit Code" is listed in this numerical format xxx-xx-xxx.
  2. Record the number generated.
  3. Select ‘Save’ at the bottom of this screen.
  4. Open AHK App.
  5. Select ‘Add accessories’ (+ sign in upper right on home screen)
  6. Select ‘Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?’
  7. Select the ‘Zone’ icon.
  8. Select ‘Add Anyway’ when prompted by the certification popup message.
  9. Enter the Setup Code
  10. Complete the setup instructions (add to rooms, etc.).

You can now use AHK to control your Leviosa Shades.

NOTE:  If you add additional groups to the App after initially linking with AHK, they may not be display with AHK.  To resolve:

  1. Reset the Zone.  Press/hold the reset button to the right of the USB port.  at first, the yellow light will go out, then return after ~8 seonds.  Then release the button.
  2. Go to the Leviosa App, select menu on the upper left of the screen and choose 'Setup New Zone'.  Follow the screen directions, switching networks between Leviosa and your home network.
  3. When finished, select any group, and press/hold the group name for a few seconds until you get to the edit screen, which shows tabs for 'Schedule' and 'Name'.  Choose 'Name', which will display the new AHK code.
  4. Follow the directions above to link to AHK.