Side Channel for Light Blocking

For complete darkness, you can order side and bottom channels that block light around the shade.  Since channels are installed separately from the shade, most users try the shades first to see if they really need channels or not (and can avoid extra time and expense).  Most users decide they do not need channels as enough light (99%+) is blocked.  Some do still want them, and you can easily order them from Leviosa Shades.

Pricing is $10 per linear foot (rounded up), and we can cut to your exact measurements.  Many customers purchase the whole foot, and then custom cut the channels during installation since the aluminum channels cut easily with a chop saw (aluminum cutting blade).  Shipping is extra, and depends on location.

For bulk orders, you can order whole pieces up to 19 ft in length for $100 (~$5 per linear ft).  Expect freight shipping fees for these long pieces of ~$200 depending on location.

Choose your color for the channels:

Side channel colors

You can also choose the color of the channel brushing:  white or gray color.  The brushing is a thin fibrous material that inserts into the tips of the channels to more fully block all light, and helps the shade travel smoothly though the channel.

Please contact us to add side channels to your order!

Side channel
Installation instructions:
Installation instructions