Remote Controls:

Number of Shades:
    1 group Portable Remote-Matter
    1 group Wall Mount Remote-Matter
    5 group Portable Remote-Matter
    5 group Wall Mount Remote-Matter
    15 group Portable Remote-Matter

Additional Remote Controls for MATTER Shades:

1 group Portable Remote-Matter - $20

These remote controllers will only work with Leviosa MATTER shades (motor shades with Home Automation capability).   Order remote controllers for regular motorized shades (no Home Automation) here.

Control shades with simple up/stop/close button.  Remote control is the only way to operate Leviosa shades as the shade has no manual controls. Versions can control multiple shade groups (1, 5, 15) individually or they can control ALL shades together.  RF (radio frequency) control so the remote does not need to be "line-of-sight" - distance up to 30 ft.

2 versions:

  1. Portable Remote version is a typical handheld remote control.  Comes with white holster that can mount.  Color is white.  
  2. Wall Mount Remote that fastens to a wall - very thin profile so no hole to cut out of the wall.  Battery powered so no wiring!  Sleek design.


One Shade/group portable remote control is already included FREE ($20 value) with each shade order.