Leviosa Zone

Leviosa Zone


Exclusive for Leviosa Motor Shades, the Zone is a wifi-bridge that plugs into ANY electrical outlet - not your router - and can hide in a cabinet or bookshelf (RF signals penetrate walls, etc.).  The Zone controls your Leviosa motor shades via a free App (Apple or Android), and up to 6 groups of shades per Zone (unlimited number of shades per group).  You will be able to raise, lower, stop your shades, as well as open and close fully (skip all midpoints).

The pairing process via the App takes only a few minutes, and then you will be able to control your shades from your device, set schedules for automatic operation, use VOICE control (Alexa, Google Home), and/or continue to use your remote control as normal.

Also compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and others.  See details.

Find the Free App on Google Play store, or the Apple store under "Leviosa Motor Shades", signup for a Free account, and setup your Leviosa Zones or Zones.

User Manual here.

Demonstration video for connections here.