Bottom-Up Shades and Angled/Trapezoidal Shades

New from Leviosa!

These shades travel from the bottom of the window, so they can have a straight horizontal top edge, or a specific profile that matches your unique windows.  A tension bar covered at the top 'pulls' the shade upward, and keeps the shade flat while the motor drives the shade.

These shades are compatible with all Leviosa home automation integrations.  Nearly all fabrics are available for this option.  Valance options are available based on desired power supply:  battery power, plug-in wall adapter, or hardwiring.  Installation is more complex and 2 shade sections are installed, and the pricing is more expensive than regular Leviosa shades.

Installation:  Mounting and securing the fabric.

Please contact us for more details and a quotation.

Angled Shade

Bottom placed Torsion systems:  An option to avoid the tensioner at the top (such as for arched windows): the tensioner is installed at the bottom, next to the shade, and the system has pulleys at the top that support barely visible, high-strength polymer threads to pull the shade up. Note that the profile of the shade is rectangular (not curved) and does not match the profile of the arch.

Rectangular Shades for Arched Windows

Bottom-up Arch shade
For Bottom placed torsion systems (next to the shade), the MAXIMUM shade height is 85".
Dimensions of the pulleys for shades where the tensioner is on the bottom:
Pulley dimensions