How to Measure Shades

We offer a service to Find a PROFESSIONAL in your local area to measure and/or install your shades. You agree on the work and prices with the Professional, and pay them directly for their work.

For those customers who want to Measure and Install their own shades, you start by choosing which way to mount your shades:

1.  INSIDE mount Width – The window shade fits inside the window frame between the Jambs (horizontal parts forming the sides of the window frame).  Measure the distance between the left and right side Jambs at the HIGHEST location.  Don’t deduct anything!

Please NOTE:

  • Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch increment.
  • We cannot emphasize enough measuring width at the HIGHEST part of the window, as we have seen width measurements change significantly (more than 1/4"!) from the top to even a foot lower.
  • Your shade with brackets will fit your measurement.  The actual shade material will be ~5/8 inch narrower along EACH edge (5/16 inch for manual cordless shades) to allow for shade travel up/down.
  • To attach the brackets securely, the top horizontal jamb must be at least 2 inches deep (or consider firmly attaching a solid plate/trim piece to your jamb to extend the jamb depth).
  • Note - for Inside mount only, to avoid too-tight of a fit, we will automatically deduct an additional 1/8” for both shade and valance (the shade mechanism can extend slightly in width to mount easily).
Measuring Image

2.  OUTSIDE mount Width – measure the width on the outside of your opening at the highest location, allowing ~5/8 inch for each bracket. Don’t deduct anything!  Consider whether you want the shades to mount on the trim, or provide enough space to mount above or around any window trim.  The more fabric width past the window, the more light will be blocked.

Please NOTE:

  • Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch increment.
  • Your shade with brackets will fit your measurement.  The actual shade material will be ~5/8 inch narrower along each edge to allow for shade travel up/down.
  • If you want the fabric an exact width, add 1.25" to you measurements to account for the brackets.
  • If you have window trim that sticks out from the wall, and you want to install your shades around/over the trim, your system may require spacers (generally small wood pieces) equal to the thickness of your trim, so the shade travels freely.
  • To avoid needing spacers, plan to mount the bottom of your shade brackets above the top of any window trim.  You'll need at least 4 ½ inches of space above your trim so the brackets fit.

Outside Mount - Measuring instructions

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT (for either Inside or Outside Mount): Measure the height from the center of the HEAD of the window to the SILL.

Ensure your shades can clear obstacles during travel up/down:

  • Unrolled fabric will hang 5/8 inches away from the back ends of the bracket, and - depending on height- the rolled up fabric may come as close as 1/8 inch from the back of the bracket.  You may need common spacers/shims to avoid interference from cranks, locks, or sash lift lips.  - OR -
  • You can order 'Reverse Roll' when window obstructions (cranks, locks, or sash lift lips) might hinder normal shade up/down operations.  This moves the shade operation path back 2 1/2 inches from the back ends of the brackets.  To order this, please add a note in the 'Special instructions for seller' box on the Cart page.  No extra charge to change the roll direction.  For large width or large height shades that are 'Reverse Roll', see simple reinforcement installation instructions.

Measurement Specs

We will ensure the shade you receive matches your measurements perfectly so you simply attach brackets to each side, and the shade and power system fit perfectly. If you mis-measure, we have a policy to help our consumers who receive product that does not fit.

The #1 cause of mis-measured shades is when customers deduct from width measurements, which makes the shades too narrow.  So your shades fit properly, do not make deductions from the width measurement instructions above.

See our Installation (PDF) and Programming (PDF) instructions.  We also have a short Video on Programming Leviosa Motor Shades, showing how easy it is to program our shades.