Leviosa App Status

The Leviosa App is required to link Leviosa Motor Shades with any and all home automation systems.  The App controls Leviosa Zone, a small wifi bridge that commands up to 6 groups of Leviosa Shades (unlimited number per group).  The App downloads from Apple and Android stores for Free.

Current status:

Leviosa Shades acknowledges an issue with time/day scheduling commands in its latest App release (January 2023).  We are working to correct this and expect resolution in the next month with our next App release.  In the meantime, Leviosa recommends you link your App (for Free) to our partner home automation systems, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (Siri), SmartThings, etc., that have more sophisticated automatic Leviosa shade command options:

  • Time scheduled commands, to the minute (Leviosa only enables 15-minute increments)
  • Multiple time commands per day (Leviosa only enables 1 open/close per day)
  • Event linked commands, such as sunrise, sunset (known at your specific location that change daily)
  • Voice commands
  • Other Action dependent commands (linked to other devices, such as sensors)


Leviosa is an official partner with many home automation systems – see here – which also includes specific instructions for linking to these systems.  You need no other devices and will not incur fees – all you need is your Leviosa App email and password to link to any of these systems.



Apple (iOS) versions:

  • 4.1.2 (updated 12-27-22) - Simplified sign-in (email only so generates pw for integrations), more clear default space names
  • 4.0 (updated 5-1-21) - Faster command response times, new interface
Android Version:
  • 4.1.2 (updated 11-30-22) - Simplified sign-in (email only so generates pw for integrations), more clear default space names
  • 60 (4.0) (updated 5-10-21) - Faster command response times, new interface
Leviosa Zone Firmware version:  3.11 (updated 4-8-20) - enables new App and faster command response with wifi.

    Leviosa Zone Firmware automatically updates to the latest version after the Zone is initially setup by the User.  No user action needed.   You can determine your FW version by typing the Zone IP address into your browser.  The Zone IP address is listed in each Group within the Leviosa App - press/hold the Group name for a few seconds, and select the 'Name' tab.


    Update April 2021:  Users who have not connected their Zone to their wifi networks before April will need to contact us for a special firmware update.  New users with Zones after April are not impacted.