Leviosa App Status

The Leviosa App is required to link Leviosa Motor Shades with any and all home automation systems.  The App controls Leviosa Zone, a small wifi bridge that commands up to 6 groups of Leviosa Shades (unlimited number per group).  The App downloads from Apple and Android stores for Free.

Current status:

  • Apple (iOS) version:  3.0 (updated 11-10-19) - New Setup process
  • Android Version:  21 (updated 11-10-19) - New setup process
  • Leviosa Zone Firmware version:  3.8 (updated 3-6-20) - automatic restart device on losing ANY connection.

Leviosa Zone Firmware automatically updates to the latest version after the Zone is initially setup by the User.  No user action needed.   You can determine your FW version by typing the Zone IP address into your browser.  The Zone IP address is listed in each Group within the Leviosa App - press/hold the Group name for a few seconds, and select the 'Name' tab.


Update November 2019:  Users who have not connected their Zone to their wifi networks before 11/1/19 will need to contact us for special instructions.  New users with Zones after 11/1/19 are not impacted.