Leviosa Cordless Shades

Cassette shade
Leviosa CORDLESS roller shades are a more sophisticated manual shade system to eliminate unsightly cords, AND, like motorized shades, they are a safe option with children.  Cordless shades are less expensive than Leviosa motorized shades, and perfectly compliment motorized shades for these instances:
  • Low usage areas, such as for a window in a closet.
  • They are IDEAL when you want a shade mounted directly on a door, as motorized shades are never recommended to mount to any moving surface.
The shade material can match your other Leviosa shades.


Cordless shade operate by manually pulling the shade down to the desired position, either by pulling the bottom of the shade or the tassel (see below).  To raise the shade, pull slightly down first, then the shade will rise slowly with your manual assistance.

For inside mount applications, Leviosa cordless shades will have approximately 3/4” gap between the roller and the headrail.

Leviosa cordless shades are available with a cassette wrapped with matching fabric (shown above) or not, or without a cassette.  A removable tassel is included.

Maximum width: 96”, Minimum Width: 18”
Max Height: (Width between 18” & 27”): 72”;  (Width > 27”): 96”




OPEN Roll Cordless Shades (No Cassette)

This style is desirable when you intend to mount cordless shades in ceiling coves, have your own valances, or simply want a minimal style appearance.  Installation instructions:

Open roll cordless shades