Power Options

The system requires energy from either one of these 3 sources.  You choose which source is provided with your shade: either a Battery tube or a Wall adapter.  The power supply for hardwiring is sold separately (link below):

The HIDDEN battery pack holds 8 or 10 D-size batteries (common, inexpensive) that will provide up to 2-3 years of usage under normal situations.  The 10 battery option provides 50% more battery life because of the higher voltage.  The tube fits behind the valance so it is not seen, and attaches to the left bracket, as well as being supported by the mid-bracket (installed ~18 inches from left bracket).

Attached Valance Unattached Valance

Changing batteries is simple:  

  1. Open the valance by pulling the lower side downward, slightly rotating the valance, and lifting upward
  2. Untwist the battery tube, and lift and remove the whole tube
  3. Unhook the cap, and replace the 8 or 10 batteries, ensuring they are loaded in the same direction with the 'pip' end toward the cap.
  4. Reattach the cap, lift into place on the bracket and mid-bracket, and push toward the left while twisting.  The tube will lock into place.
  5. Replace the valance by placing the top edge on top of the end brackets, rotating the valance inward, and pushing toward the widow until an audible 'click' is heard

The Battery Pack option is NOT available if you choose "No-valance" as the valance is necessary to hide the battery pack.

Wall adapterA Plug In Wall Adapter (white or black color - your choice) fits into a standard 120 V US electrical outlet and will provide energy for your shade for many years.  10 ft of cord is available from the Adapter to reach the left bracket of the shade.  Either locate the cord through the inside of the bracket in back of where the shade will be, or locate the cord on the outside of the bracket.  Either way, the end of the cord fits into the socket inside the bracket.  We recommend securing the cord with tape or fasteners to prevent interference with the shade.  Excess cord can be wrapped up inside the bracket around tabs on the surface of the bracket.  Longer or shorter power cords are available for a small surcharge.


inline power transformer

Hard wiring - Inline outlet/gang box transformer. With all hard-wiring options, never worry about power to your shades again.  Small format - designed to replace an outlet near the shades and fit in a standard electrical gang box. Input terminals are household power (120 VAC), outlet wires are 12VDC and 2 amps. The wires can then be extended to your shades, and the outlet box is closed with a cover blank, commonly available. Power up to 4 average size Leviosa shades, daisy-chain wiring them together. Leviosa can provide wire splitters and hard-wire connectors.  Purchase this item here.

Hard wiring - Central Power Supply for many shades (>4).  We will provide wire leads to connect to 12VDC power supply.  Simply state you want this option in "Note to seller" in your cart.  See power supply requirements (12VDC), wiring instructions and specifications below.

12VDC Power supply options from Leviosa Shades:Power supply

  • 2 different power supply boxes for either 4 shades or 18 individual shades
  • Input standard 120VAC. Output: 12V DC – 10/30 amp Supply Current for 4/18 shades, respectively.
  • An electrical cord (3 ft length) is included to connect the Power Supply to a normal wall outlet.
  • Multiple Outputs (4/18 channel) powering multiple shades - 2 wire connections (+ and -) for each shade
  • DC regulated, over current and voltage protected
  • Individual LED indicator for each out put, every channel is protected with fuses
  • Easy to install, can be mounted to any surface, plugged and up in seconds

Electrical Box Sizes are generally less than 13 x 9 x 3 inches.  If you need exact size, please contact us.

Leviosa reserves the right to upgrade power supply orders (more channels, higher amperage) based on product availability (no upcharge to you).

    How to order a Leviosa Power Supply for Hardwiring

    Instructions for Hardwiring Leviosa Shades directly to power supply, and wire sizes

    Increasing voltage from power supplies:  the motor voltage cutoff is ~11.5VDC, just above what the power supplies usually provide.  But they vary, and shades with too  low voltage will start making beep sounds, or stop working.  The voltage from power supplies can be increased from 12VDC by rotating the small dial clockwise - see the dial location below, on the transformer, located by the red arrow.  The dial may be colored gray, green, orange, or any other color, but the location is generally consistent. Turn this dial gently - do not force it.  Start with 1/4 turn, then check (either with a voltage meter, or listen that the shade beeping sounds stop).  Increase in increments of 1/4 turns so the shades operate properly.

    Voltage dial