Home Automation with Leviosa Zone

Home Automation

June 2024 update:  Leviosa Shades now offer Matter over Thread motors - see the benefits here.


Home Automation is the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances. Benefits are that your shades are automatically controlled by time or events, such as opening/closing at certain times, that you set in advance.


Order your Leviosa Zone Here, as it is required for any home automation functionality.

Leviosa Motor Shades are Home Automation Ready Today!  Already compatible with many systems (see below).   You can control your shades from your Apple or Android device, set schedules for automatic operation, use VOICE control (Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit/Siri), and/or continue to use your remote control as normal.  Leviosa offers one of the most complete systems - compare Leviosa to other Motor Shade companies here.


Home Automation Compatibility Instructions
Video (Apple)
Video (Android)
YES Video
Simpler commands
YES Video
YES Video
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and Siri voice commands
YES Video
YES Drivers available-
Contact your Installer
RTI logo
YES Drivers available-
Contact your Installer
Home Assistant
Home Assistant


YES Drivers available-
Contact your Savant Integrator
Others (HomeSeer, Elan, Crestron, Wink)
2024 Please contact us for Driver support


Leviosa Zone:  The Zone will control up to 6 different groups of Leviosa Zoneshades, with unlimited number of shades in each group - endless possibilities for control!  Easy to link to your Local Area Network (similar to Alexa and Google Home), it is small (3"x3"x2") so it hides on a side table or in a cabinet as it uses RF signals (penetrates walls, etc.).  Using your home wifi, it plugs into common mini-USB (provided) from any wall outlet - not your router.  The App is FREE and available via Android Play Store or Apple (iOS) App Store, with customize-able location names and the ability to set open and close times for each group (and ALL groups) based on days of the week.  You can even have multiple controllers in your home or at different locations and still control all your shades from the Ap.  Control your shades anywhere in the World (via mobile data).  Best yet, the Zone is 100% compatible with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, and other systems after confirmation testing.  VOICE-CONTROL is easy to setup.

** Good news for past purchasers of Leviosa products:  We guarantee all 2017 and newer Leviosa shades sold are compatible with Leviosa Zone controller.



Instructions and setup:  Leviosa Zone User Manual

Current Leviosa App status.


An example of how Home Automation can control your Leviosa Motor Shades:


Leviosa App

While Leviosa Shades partners with major brands, we are subject to different limits they set within their individual 'device category' for window coverings.  For example, mid-points are not recognized by Alexa, and are for GH.


System Direct Commands Actions Midpoints Automations
Google Assitant Hey Google, {action} {shade name} Open, Close None Y
Amazon Alexa Alexa, tell Leviosa to {action} {shade name} Open, Raise, Lower, Close Y Y
Samsung SmartThings Flexible, Links to AA and GH for voice Open, Raise, Lower, Close Y Y
Apple HomeKit Hey Siri, {action} {shade name} Open, Close None Y