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What exactly is a motorized roller shade?

A motorized roller shade is a window shade that moves up or down with a remote control without moving the shade by strings or by hand. The shade has batteries (purchased separately) or a plug-in wall adapter that powers a motor to operate the roller shade up or down when it receives a wireless signal from the remote control. The shade can also be controlled by a smart phone app through our Home Automation system. See below.

What is the Leviosa Shades company?

Leviosa Shades Company is an American registered and licensed company of designers, engineers, quality experts and marketers with a passion for innovating consumer products. With over 75 years of design and engineering experience, our commitment is to offer a beautiful, reliable motorized roller shade for far less than many market prices of $600 and upward. We use the best materials with our patented new technologies, and all of our products ship from our facilities in North Carolina and Florida.

Do you sell other types of window coverings?

We exclusively sell motorized roller shades because our customers love them. Roller shades are becoming the most popular window coverings, and can be reliably motorized. Leviosa Shades has a streamlined operation to provide beautiful, quality products at affordable prices. We are developing motorization options for other window coverings, but do not have them available for sale at this time.

How can you sell motorized roller shades so much less than others?

With our years of engineering, design, and manufacturing experience, we can offer beautiful, high quality shades at a fair price.

- We redesigned the motorized roller shade system to include only the most important parts – fabric, valance, motor, and integrated power supply – and eliminated parts that complicate quality and installation, such as connecting small wires manually and external or rechargeable battery packs.

-  We have streamlined our product supply system and focused on the most popular products. This minimizes system complexity and overhead, which allows affordable prices that we can pass to our customers.

- Because of our simple and efficient installation process, our customers are able to easily install their Leviosa Shades by themselves, saving money.  Our you can use our service to find a PROFESSIONAL in your local area to measure and/or install your shades.  You agree on the work and prices with the Professionals, and pay them directly for their work.

Why are your products high quality?

- We source many of our shade materials from Mermet Solar Control Fabric Company USA, made in South Carolina, USA. With over 30 years in the sun control fabric business, Mermet offers innovative, functional fabrics designed for solar protection, energy savings, and pleasing visual aesthetics. Other fabrics are chosen from quality vendors that also take pride in their products.

- Our Valance (detachable cover over the uppermost part of the window that hides the power supply and motor) is a frame wrapped with the same fabric as the shade for a consistent, beautiful appearance.  You can choose 1 of 5 frame colors to match your shade.

- Our shade motors are USA-engineered, ultra-low current (3 micro amp), and manufactured to strict quality control standards, tested for over 30,000 cycles – that is equivalent to over 40 years of opening and closing your shades every day.

- Our shades meet all US federal standards related to UL and FCC regulations.

How do you guarantee your products?

Yes!  We have several warranties and policies to give you confidence.

- If you mis-measure your shade, we can re-size some shades for free, or we allow you to replace your shade at a fraction of the cost of a new order. Nobody is as generous in this industry.

- We provide a 5 year product warranty. If your product does not perform to standards within 5 years under normal use, we replace it. Nobody has a better warranty.

See all our Terms and Conditions.

Do you install shades?

We do not directly install shades, but we help you:

  1. Do-it-Yourself:  Our customers have used our detailed Measuring and  installation instructions to successfully install their own shades. Window shades – and motorized shades – are one the easiest projects for a home owner to complete. Most customers choose to install shades themselves, and can install easily 5-10 shades in a single day.
  2. Use our service to find a PROFESSIONAL in your local area to measure and/or install your shades.  You agree on the work and prices with the Professionals, and pay them directly for their work.  Their services are guaranteed.

What is your return policy?

Our custom shades are unable to be returned. Please understand that when we cut our products to specific measurements, we cannot re-use that product. However, we offer FREE fabric swatch samples (up to 5 FREE samples, then $2 each) so you can have confidence that what you order is what you will receive. Also, we have a generous policy in the case of mis-measurements. Leviosa Shades is dedicated to quality products and we will replace any defective product.

I can buy motorized shades anywhere – why Leviosa Shades?

We provide a chance to enjoy motorized shades - with the highest quality fabrics and looks available from manufacturers such as Mermet Solar Control Textiles – at a fraction of the price of others. See why we are Superior.

Where can I find Leviosa Shades?

Our shades are customized to your windows, so we do not sell them in stores. We sell exclusively through this website.

Do you also sell Non-motorized Shades?

Yes! While we specialize in motorized shades, we also sell non-motorized shades so you can match fabrics for the different types of shades. Please CONTACT US for a quotation.


How can I actually see the material I am ordering?

While shade colors are enlarged online, computer pictures are not the same as matching real material in your specific location. We encourage color swatch ordering as we want our customers to be satisfied in their choices. We make this easy by providing FREE swatches/samples (up to 5 FREE samples, then $2 each). Swatches are LARGE fabric sizes (8x10 inches)so you can see how they match your space.

Do you offer FREE samples/swatches?

Yes! We offer FREE fabric swatch samples (up to 5 FREE samples, then $2 each).

How do I accurately measure my shades?

First, order color swatches so you feel confident you are getting what you order. We offer FREE fabric swatch samples (up to 5 FREE samples, then $2 each).  You have these options:

  1. For Do-it-Yourselfers:  Please see our MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS.
  2. Use our service to find a PROFESSIONAL in your local area to measure and/or install your shades.  You agree on the work and prices with the Professionals, and pay them directly for their work.  Their services are guaranteed.  NBI Measure/Instal Network

What happens if I don’t measure accurately?

If you find your measurements are slightly off and your shade is not fitting properly, please CONTACT US for help. If your shade is too long, we will cut the shade and valance down to size for $25 (customer pays shipping costs). If the shade is too short, we will remake the product in the right size and give you a discount on the replacement after you send the mis-measured product back to us. The discount depends on your fabric type and measurements, but is nearly always less than half the cost of new, similar shade.  We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and are available to help you when you need it. Please refer to our TERMS and CONDITIONS.

How deep does my window need to be to fully recess my Leviosa shade?

While only 1.5" of depth is necessary to mount the brackets, your window space needs to be 4.5" deep to fully recess the shade for battery power shades.  Non-battery power systems (hard-wire, power adapter) have options for smaller valances of 3" or 4". See details.

Do I need a valance (top covering)?

Most customers choose a valance because they add beauty to the window shade. Also, our patented design requires the valance for roller shades that use power from batteries. If you choose to power your shade with our plug-in wall adapter or hardwire your shades, then a ‘No-valance’ option can be selected.

What are my Valance (fascia) choices?

Our Standard Valance is 4.5" high, is wrapped with matching shade fabric, and is available with every shade type. Non-battery power systems (hard-wire, power adapter) have options for smaller valances of 3" or 4". See details.

Can I use Leviosa Shades in recessed ceiling pockets/coves?

Yes! And very easily. We even sell materials for recessed ceiling pockets/coves and associated covers. See here.

Do Total-Block shades block out all the light?

Total-Block shade are designed to block all visible light - but only through the material. And they do a very good job of blocking the vast majority of light through a window. But to block nearly 100% of light, you also need to install side and bottom channels along your window. These block the small gaps between the shade and the sides of the window and bottom that can allow some light through.

Since channels are installed separately from shades, most users try the shades first to see if they really need channels or not (and can avoid extra time and expense), and most decide they do not need them – enough light (99%+) is blocked.  Some do still want them, and you can easily order them from Leviosa Shades.

Contact us for channel options.

I have multiple vertical panes of windows. Can I order multiple shades on a single roller,
with a single valance spanning all the shades?

Yes. Customers choose to design their shades this way to create a clean valance appearance over several windows. You would enter measurements of the sizes of shades you need as normal, and then note that you wish to create a single valance span in the 'Special instructions for seller' box in the cart. The maximum valance length is 196 inches. Extra shipping fees apply to some long valances - please contact us for exact pricing. 

Another option (avoids extra shipping fees) is choosing separate valances for adjacent windows, where only a hairline seam is observed between valances.

What are the smallest and largest shades you make?


          // Maximum is 168 inches, depending on fabric - contact us for exact limits.

Please note:  Some fabrics are not available in widths more than 120 inches (a few not available more than 78 inches).  All shades wider than 120 inches, and higher than 96 inches require a horizontal seam.

          // Minimum: 13 inches.  For battery powered shades 13-21 inches width, a special C-cell pack is required ($30) - please contact us so we get the correct parts to you.


         // Maximum is unlimited, depending on shade width

         // No minimum

Can I have 2 motorized shades on a single window? Then I can have Clear view during the day and Total block at night

Yes, you can order "dual shades" to meet your needs at different times of the day. Please see specifications.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Fabric swatch samples ship the next day and most customers receive them a few days after they order. For shade orders, since all of our products are custom made and ship from the USA, customers receive their shades within 4-5 weeks.

Can I order shades with 'reverse roll' - so they roll up/down farther away from the window?

Yes. Customers can order 'Reverse Roll' as a personal preference, or when window obstructions (cranks, locks, or sash lift lips) might hinder normal shade up/down operations. This moves the shade operation path back 2 1/2 inches from the back ends of the brackets (compared to normal 1/2 inch). To order this, please add a note in the 'Special instructions for seller' box on the Cart page. No extra charge to change the roll direction.

Do you offer discounts for buying in quantity?

We offer discounts with 5 or more shade purchases at the same time. We offer higher discounts when you purchase even larger number of shades at the same time. Please CONTACT US for large orders.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE ground shipping on nearly all shade orders to customers in the continental US. Very wide shade orders (>86") may incur shipping surcharges, depending on destination.  Other locations pay actual charges. We also provide express shipping. Please CONTACT US to learn specific charges to your destination or special requests.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Leviosa Shades is a North Carolina based business with manufacturing in Florida, and by law we must collect sales tax on all orders delivered to North Carolina and Florida addresses. However, all orders shipped outside of North Carolina and Florida will not be charged for sales tax, with the exception of any sales tax that is imposed on Internet sales by law.

How do I find past orders?

CONTACT US and we will send you details from any orders. We have been keeping records for our customers for over 10 years without issue.

I have questions with my order.  How do I contact you?

All online inquiries or emails will receive a response within 1 business day. CONTACT US for prearranged phone calls for your convenience.


How do I install the shades and program them?

Please refer to our installation instructions (PDF) and our programming instructions (PDF).  The Video for Programming Leviosa Shades is particularly helpful.  We have a record of nearly 100% satisfaction from our customers on ease of installation and remote programming.  Or you can use our service to find a PROFESSIONAL in your local area to measure and/or install your shades.  You agree on the work and prices with the Professionals, and pay them directly for their work.

How do I hardwire my Motor shades to a permanent power source?

Generally, Leviosa Motor Shades are powered with Hidden Battery pack or Plug-in Wall Adapter.  Either is included in the price of the shades.

Some customers want the option of hard-wiring their shades to a power source, usually hidden inside the wall or ceiling, which has benefits of unlimited power with the sophisticated appearance of no wires showing.  The power source is installed separately and can be purchased here, and may require professional electrical installation.

We have special brackets (no extra charge) that install the same as regular brackets, but have wire leads that easily connect directly to your power source. See Specifications for Hardwiring

And yes! if you start with battery power, you can switch over to hardwiring with your same shades - just use some common electrical connectors.

Please let us know when ordering if you want the special brackets (use "Notes to Seller" in the cart).

Motorized Shades – Power and Performance

Is your system safe?

Yes. Our system utilizes 12V DC, the same energy source used in outdoor lighting and other safe household applications. Power is provided by 8 common D-cell size alkaline batteries that you supply (Duracell recommended), or via a wall adapter. DC energy is recognized as much safer than AC energy, yet still provides sufficient energy for years of motor shade operation.

Are batteries included?

For battery powered shades, you need to provide 8 D-cell size alkaline batteries to power a single shade. These are common, inexpensive, and readily available for purchase at many stores. Batteries are included for the Remote controls (portable and wall-mount).

When will I know to change the batteries?

Batteries for the motor shades last up to 3 years under normal conditions. Batteries in the remote controls last about 1 year. When batteries for the motor shades are nearly drained, the shades will usually "beep" during operation to indicate low battery power and time to replace the batteries. If the shades no longer respond to control input, please first check the batteries in the remote control.

Do multiple shades travel up/down at the same speed?

Shades will always start and stop at programmed levels, and will travel at the same speed.  If window sizes are significantly different, the smaller shade may travel slightly faster. Because the motors turn quickly, though, most shades open/close in less than 20 seconds, so any travel speed differences between shades is hardly noticeable.

How loud is the system? How fast does it go?

Our system is US designed and leads in the industry. No motor is silent, but we are proud of how quietly our motors operate. They measure ~ 37dB (decibels) at 3 feet away, which is comparable to sounds from a kitchen refrigerator. Of course, this noise will only be heard as the shades are moving. Otherwise, the motor is off and completely silent. The motor turns at 30RPM, which will open/close a 6-foot roller shade in less than 30 seconds.

Why don’t you sell rechargeable batteries with your shades?

We have worked in major companies in the battery industry and know rechargeable batteries are a great solution when you regularly recharge them. But, as they self-drain a bit every day by their nature, they are not a good solution for long-term power that motorized shades require. Alkaline batteries do not have this self-drain issue, and so are a good choice for motorized shades.  Plus, they are inexpensive to replace and readily available in stores.  And, our system design uses such low energy that our shades do not need battery replacement for more than 2 years. Net: we choose not to charge you more money for rechargeable batteries when they are a poor energy choice for motorized shades.

Why don’t you have a solar recharging system?

Solar charging is a great energy alternative to power homes, but it does not work well to power shades. The reality is that many windows do not face in a favorable direction to capture sunlight, so the shades will not work to expectations, and owners generally do not want extra wires or solar panels covering their windows. Moreover, since we redesigned the whole system, Leviosa Shades do not need much power.

What option do I have to plug this into a wall outlet?

We offer a wall adapter option that replaces the battery tube. The adapter plugs into a common US household outlet (120VAC), and the wires extends into the bracket, where it simply plugs into a jack. Many of our customers have wired the system through their wall, hiding the wires of the power adapter cord, and this can be safely done as the energy is 12 VDC. Of course, please check your local government codes and regulations regarding in-wall wiring, specifically type of wire to use.

Do I need a remote control for my Shades?

Yes, and so we offer a FREE remote control with each order of shades, which will control ALL of your shades, no matter how many you purchase. You also have a choice to upgrade your remote controller so you can control more shades individually. For example, you may want to control shade groups separately in different parts of your home.
You can also control your shades through your phone/tablet with our FREE app connection through our Home Automation hub.

How many shades can I control at once?

Our FREE remote control (1 with each order of shades) will control ALL of your shades, no matter how many you purchase. You also have a choice to upgrade your remote controller so you can control more shades individually. For example, you may want to control shade groups separately in different parts of your home.
You can also control your shades using your phone/tablet with our FREE app connection and our Home Automation hub. Each app controls a group of shades.

Home Automation

How do I automate my home with automatic shades?

Your Leviosa shades are ready for home automation since they already have a receiver built with the motor. They have their own Free App (Google Play or iOS Apple store - search for "Leviosa"), that links directly to your home internet modem/router and will controls up to 6 groups of shades in an area.  After only a few minutes of setup (see instructions), you can control your Leviosa Shades from the app on your smart device as well as the regular remote control for the shades.

How do I control more than 6 groups of shades?

A single Zone can control up to 6 groups of shades in an area (generally ~25ft from Zone to shades, can be thru walls). The App can manage multiple Zones, such as for upstairs and downstairs. You simply setup a new Zone for new groups and the App will organize the Zones in groups.

How do I set schedules?

Press and hold the Group name and a submenu will appear to edit the group name, or set the schedule. You can even set the schedule for all shades at the same time

How do I link my Zone and App to Alexa?

Go to your Alexa command Console and search for "Leviosa". You will be able to link Leviosa shades to your account, and command Alexa with your voice. Example: "Alexa, tell Leviosa to close the kitchen shades. You must always use "tell Leviosa" to invoke Alexa, and then name an action (open, close, raise, lower, stop) and a room you have already assigned in the App.
OPEN will fully open the group and skip all set midpoints.
CLOSE will fully close the group and skip all set midpoints.
RAISE will open the shade to the next set midpoint (if any).
LOWER will lower the shade to the next set midpoint (if any).
STOP will stop the shade

How do I custom name the shade groups, so Alexa will recognize them?

Yes, you press/hold the group name and can edit the group name and schedule. After you install the Free Alexa skill, you can command the shade by its unique name (some personal names excepted, per Alexa rules).

How do I command my shades away from home, and have multiple locations and groups of shades?

Yes, you setup each Zone within its own wifi network, and the App will group your shades by the Zone(s). Anywhere in the world you can receive data, you can control your shade by Zones and groups.



  • Measuring Instructions
  • Installation Instructions (for installations prior to 10/18, please contact us)
  • Special 3 inch valance installation (hardwire and wall adapter only).
  • Remote Control Programming Instructions  - 12VDC (batteries and hardwire)  (PDF)       VIDEO
  • Instructions for 120 VAC motors (less common) (PDF)
  • How to fix Telescoping - uneven shades when rolling up
  • How to change the roll Direction of a shade (from 'Standard' to 'Reverse', or vice versa)
  • Power options
  • Hardwiring specs to connect Leviosa Shades directly to power supply (optional)
  • Double shade specs and installation (example:  Total Block AND Clear view on same window
  • Cove/Pocket/Recessed Ceiling System Options - Contact us for Special Pricing
  • Tight Corner configuration options for 3" valances
  • Non MOTORIZED Shades - instructions - for Cassette and clip systems

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